Letter from the Interim Music Director

Dear Friends of the Arcadia Chorale,

The Arcadia Chorale has experienced much loss in the past year. We were unable to complete our season last year due to Covid-19, and then tragically we lost our beloved Dr. Thomas this past July. Now we are working on a season where we cannot sing in person together, but we can sing together virtually through the internet. It’s not the same; it is truly difficult. What do we miss most? That is a difficult question to answer. Personally, I miss the beauty of sound that we create together. Many of us miss the camaraderie of seeing each other at rehearsal. For some, singing with the Arcadia Chorale is their safe space to allow their minds leave the days or week’s work and solely be present in the music. We all miss it terribly. We miss seeing you, our audience, too.

This year under my interim direction and with the support of the governing board of the ensemble, we've planned a very exciting season. The Arcadia Chorale will be working with Carl Shinko and Footer Productions to create three new video and audio recordings to be released in the late fall, Christmas, and spring. We are committed that our recordings will be new and different than what many of you may have been viewing already on the internet. We think it is so exciting what we are doing, that we are documenting the process, because we hope it may create some very positive press for the ensemble.

It is our hope that the first recording will be released the week of November 16th. Stay tuned for more details. During this difficult time creating choral music is cumbersome to do so. The entire process has changed. What not has changed is our affinity towards you and your support. Join us by sending in a contribution to the Arcadia Chorale so that we may continue to make choral music in new ways. We have accrued new expenses during the pandemic and we need your support. Thank-you for supporting us. We appreciate it.

I hope that you and your families are well. Please take care of yourselves.


Matthew Rupcich

Interim Music Director

Arcadia Chorale

Season Brochure

Arcadia 2020-21 Brochure.pdf